Help For Job Seekers

Help For Job Seekers

Missouri Career Center

If you are living in the Kansas City area and looking for a job there is a great resource out there to help you. The Missouri Career Center allows users to search for jobs and get beneficial training both in person and online. Many jobs that are not listed any where else are listed on their website because they are connected with the Missouri Full Employment Council (FEC).

One of the great benefits of this website is the information they provide about the jobs listed. You will be able to see the job title, date posted, location on job, experience and education required, and whether or not they participate in the Show Me Heroes program. The website allows users to narrow down results based on all of those specifications also. If you do not have internet access you can go to one of the MO Career Center locations near you and use their computers for free.

This is a great resource for Kansas City locals who may have a specialized career field they work in, such as electrician or nursing. The center has many jobs listed that are higher paying careers, as opposed to minimum wage hourly positions that are abundant on other job listing sites. There are also many entry-level positions listed that pay well.

You are not required to log in to see the job search results, however if you want to get information on how to apply you will need to create an account. The process is rather lengthy as they require you to input all of your qualifications and relevant experience, but creating an account is free.

Other features of the MO Career Center are postings of upcoming job fairs, a section for veterans' services, and a portal to find career training programs and schools. Take time to look around the website or talk to the employees that work at the center. There are many tools available to help you in your job seeking.

The Missouri Career Center was developed to help people living in the state obtain and maintain employment. Take advantage of all the options the center has to offer and you should be able to find stable employment with a great company.